Essential Oils-a natural healing power

Aromatherapy is a holistic form of alternative therapy which uses as remedies blends of pure essential oils. It effectively helps the healing process and stimulate the entire body. The pure natural essential oils contain the concentrated vital energy, the soul of the plant and offer us this, so they help preserve and improve the energy that each one of us has. This can not happen with synthetic essential oils used in cosmetics and perfume. Essential oils are among the few substances that penetrate the dermis and from there enter the bloodstream. They contain all the actions of the plant from which they come from, and act together to give us benefit. The action does not stop when we stop using them as they do all the plant supposedly cosmetic or medicinal that their action is only superficial.

Essential oils contain substances that their effect is soothing, warming, detoxifying, analgesic, healing, hormonal, relaxing, invigorating, regulatory, etc. Each essential oil has its own action. Usually the therapist through the mixes and the right combination is trying to find an individualized treatment for each person. These combinations are always potent than individual action, we have the “workshops” that these oils.
This treatment is applied in various ways. We can do baths with essential oils, we can use pads, aromatic lamps, making puffs, washes and massage. It assists except the betterment of our health, beauty and the preservation of our line. After what we’ve heard about the chemistry that reigns in the world of perfumes and the danger faced by chemical synthetic perfumes, best and most healthy is to have our own personal natural fragrance that suits us, makes our mood, our balance physically and emotionally and takes longer and costs less.

The problems which can be treated with aromatherapy are many.

Solves problems of the skin such as acne, rashes, dandruff, hair loss etc. It applies to cosmetics and is very effective in weight loss and cellulite symptoms and relaxation.

By applying in a toning or relaxing holistic massage contributes to a physical and a mental wellbeing.

  • It is effective in bowel problems, constipation and poor blood circulation and lymph.
  • It is ideal for rheumatism and arthritis.
  • It helps in colds, bronchitis and the runny nose.
  • It is recommended for problems and pains teeth, eyes, mouth, lips, ears and sinuses.
  • It is effective in odor foot in a body and mouth, in sweating, etc.
  • Can be combined with other therapies such as homeopathy, but the best would be the aromatherapist to be in agreement with the Homeopathic because some essential oils can be opposite or strengthen some homeopathic medicines.
  • Essential oils can sometimes cause allergic reactions like all plants which come in contact with man. In addition, some essential oils may be contraindicated in pregnancy, hypertension and other diseases. Is good for those who want to use essential oils to consult an experienced aromatherapist.
  • Essential oils can unblock energy in some situations of human existence. Based on the theory of yin and yiank can according to our type to enhance or suppress the key to balance these effects in our body.
Essential oils yin

Perfect for choleric and melancholic temperaments in which they give yin properties


Essential oils yank
Perfect for phlegmatic and sanguine temperaments that add yank properties
Essential oils yin and yank
Among water – land and
air-fire temperament
sour orange tree Angela – Benzoin Lemon
Sage Palmaroza – Laurel Melissa
Anise rosemary Neroli
Chamomile Kagiepoutis – Eucalyptus Lavender
Grapefruit Frankincense – Myrrh Fennel
Cardamom Nutmeg – camphor Marjoram
Citronella Bergamot Myrtle
Coriander Oregano – Cinnamon Achilles
mandarin Rosewood – Cedar Louisa
Rose Ginger – juniper Myrtle
Ylang – ylang Verbena – sandalwood Jasmine
Basil Hyssop – Mint
Iris Geranium – thyme
Pine – cypress
black pepper

Also astrological essential oils are used to regulate planetary influences or seasonal, or because of the birth chart cause discrepancies.

Essential oils and planets to which they relate


Moon Hermes Venus
Angela – Benzoin Anise Grapefruit Achilles
Rosemary – Lemon Verbena Cinnamon Vervena – Louisa
Kagiepoutis – Frankincense Chamomile Cardamom Citronella
Melissa – Nutmeg   Lavender Coriander
Myrrh – sour orange tree   Fennel Mandarin
Neroli – palmaroza   Marjoram Mint
Bergamot – oregano   Myrtle Myrtle
Rosewood – Ginger   hyssop Rose
sage     Ylang – ylang
Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune
Basil – Pine Juniper Daphne – camphor Iris
Geranium – thyme jasmine Eucalyptus  
Rosemary   Cedar – calendula  
black pepper   Cypress -sandalwood  

Based on the above tables and with the knowledge of the note of each essential oil (high – medium – low) we can make our personal energy scent that attracts health, harmony and happiness in our life.

Here are some “secret” Aromatherapy useful tips for the summer.

For herpes labialis: We put into a syringe 1ml pure alcohol, 1ml oil and 1ml tea tree essential oil. We shake and spread the mixture onto the shingles, from the first symptoms of itching and on to the rash, with a cotton swab 4-5 times a day.

For white discharge and vaginal fungal infections: In a cup of yoghurt we put 10ml calendula tincture, 5 drops of tea tree oil and 5 drops of geranium. We mix and with a syringe of 10ml (without needle)we place the mixture into the bay before bedtime. Repeat the process daily for one week. If symptoms persist consult your gynecologist.

For acne and rashes: In 50ml almond we put 12 drops of cypress essential oil, 13 drops lemon, or in the same amount of almond we put 5 drops of cypress, 6 drops of juniper and 14 drops bergamot. After thoroughly cleanse your skin with mild soap, put the mixture all over the affected part 2 -3 times a day.

Toning Lotion for mixed skin: Pour 50 ml oil base of avocado, 50ml lavender flower water of lavender, 5 drops of geranium,8 drops lavender and 2 drops of rose. Shake well and spread on the skin after cleansing with soap or lotion. In most dry skin, add 8 drops of sandal and for more oil skins 1 drop of neroli and 1 cypress.

For insect bites: in 50 ml oil base like almond oil, add 10 drops of Sage, 10 drops lavender and 10 drops of calendula and put locally on wounds

For Insects: in 100 ml of oil base, add 30 drops of Citronella, 10 basil, 10 eucalyptus, 10 geranium and 5 cedar and spread to the skin. If you want into a special aroma lamp in our room and for outdoor, we can put in to water a few drops of these essential oils proportionately.

For sunburn: in a 50 ml oil base add 10 drops of lavender, 5 drops of eucalyptus and 5 chamomile and spread.

Good summer with the power of the scent of nature!

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