Flower Therapy – the vibrational energy of the people.

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathy – Alternative Therapist)

Flower Therapy is a Holistic Alternative Healing method. Introduced around 1930 in England by Welsh doctor Edward Bach when he noticed that there is a direct relationship between various diseases and mental status of patients. He sorted these disordered moods associated with the disease in seven main categories. Keeping in mind that when a disturbed mental state of a patient returns to equilibrium and his physical health returns and vice versa, looked for factors which would help in mental balance. Indulged in a holistic way of thinking, he abandoned the Classical Medicine and after several experiments he discovered 37 flowers that they can achieve this. The energy vibration of flowers is in a higher field than the rest of the plant. These vibrations can restore balance in the human psyche.

His views were not accepted by the medical establishment of his days, and only the therapists continued his work. Today, after the discoveries of Dr Ryke Geert Hamer on the relationship between cancer and psychological states more and more doctors and therapists see with an other eye Flower Therapy in their daily practice. Today more and more scientists admit that man consists of body, mind and soul and that the diseases may be associated with the body, the imbalance in mental level and the lack of mental balance.

In fact the disease is the crystallization of a mental behavior. It is a simple and safe treatment and can be used by everyone. The flower essences are simply extracts from flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants and manufactured easily. Have no adverse effects because they come from harmless plants, but also because of the way of preparation. They have no interaction with drugs of Classical Medicine or Homeopathy and can be taken in parallel.

In each case what the therapist is interested to is how the patient experience the illness itself and not the type of the disorder. Eg. a gastroenteritis with all the typical symptoms of fever, malaise, diarrhea, bloating, pain, etc. The patient is extremely restless, constantly moving and looking forward, taking several medicines, to get well. What we notice here is not the disease but the impatience and the remedy which will be the Impatiens which is suitable for this image. If the above patient was in lethargic state, alone, distracted and made no attempt to recover we will give the Wild Rose and Clematis that fit into this mental state. The patient after a while get better.

The remedy that produced by Bach and should not be missing from any home, is the «rescue remedy». It is a combination of 5 flower essences, absolutely necessary in panic attacks, shock, depression, fear, terror, tension, fainting and generally in urgent and exceptional cases for all types of crises.

The therapeutic results from the use of remedies for 60 years around the world is the great proof of the soundness of thinking of Bach!

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