Allergy Treatment with the space technology of Quantum treatment

Grigoriou Areti

PD.Hom UK Classical Homeopathy, Μember of Europian Council of Classical Homeopathy (E.C.C.H)
Member of the Homeopathic Association of Greece (SOE) and the Panhellenic Association of Health Support

BSc (hons) Alternative and Natural Therapies
T. F.P Agronomist, Special Editions. Herbal Medicine – Aromatherapy – Flower therapy

A large percentage of people currently suffering from seasonal allergies or permanent. Many of them are skin and appear as atopic dermatitis, urticaria, eczema, rashes or other affect the respiratory system and appear as rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis or asthma, others infect other organs such as intestine, stomach or liver.

The factors causing these allergies are either food allergens or pollen of plants, metals, preservatives, colorings and flavorings, mites, dust, animal dander, the sun and ultraviolet rays, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, chemicals etc.

What is important is , what triggers an allergic reaction and almost always is an external stressor. Intense stress can be caused by stress, conflict situations, problems at work, school, body burden with parasites or fungi in the gastrointestinal system, etc.

Usually with the Classical Medical and the chemical drugs rarely is solved the problem and the sufferer learns to live with his problem. Cortisone can relieve temporarily, but with so many side effects, is not the solution to the problem.

The best solution today for allergies is the method of space treatment, quantum biofeedback and bioresonance. The aim is to eliminate the problem by balancing the body in psychological (cause) and body (outcome) level.

This method determines, with energy, precisely the allergens and the rest for the body, aggravating factors. Eliminates with energy and desensitizes, over time, each substance has been detected, which means you do not have to avoid them for a long time. Promote and trigger , in the body, substances that help to a better recovery of our defense system and the restoration of this autoimmune disease, the allergy.

It tones the whole body and strengthens the immune system and promotes the function of detoxification of the body. Helps the organs which have been hit to unblock and to return to normal function, enhancing their self-cure. Eliminates with energy the aggravating mechanisms, reprogramming the memory cell and the most it balances psychological our well-being for a life with less stress and more health!

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