Η Grigoriou Areti was born in Trikala.

Studied Technologist Agriculturist and her love for healing led her to indulge in herb therapy.

She attended in a very young age many psychotherapy sessions and systemic representation seeking for personal self-improvement.

Later she graduated from the School of Aromatherapy of Natural Health Science and is an active member of the Association of Greek Aroma-therapists.

She did many seminars on holistic massage, shiatsu, reflexology and flower essences.

Her passion for alternative therapies and her disappointment by the medical health, such as structured world-wide, prompted her to turn to the highest healing art of homeopathy.

She studied at the Hippocratic Center of Classic Homeopathy near the prominent Homeopathy doctor Stouraiti Gerasimo. At the same time acquired the diploma of homeopathy in the school Devon of England, of school of homeopathy near Misha Norland.

She is a member of the Society of Homeopaths of Greece and member of the Association of Health Support

She has attended many educational seminars and advanced seminars, of remarkable teachers of Homeopathy as “rarely curative,” “viruses – influenza – acute cases” with Stouraiti Gerasimo, “Biophysics of Homeopathy ‘in I.K.K.O with Alexandra Delinikou” cognitive Homeopathy “and” acute cases “with George Lucas’ analysis and homeopathic treatment history,” “approach to methodology Shankaran», «analysis of cases” by Misha Norland.

Studied Biofeedback and Biosyntonismo in Quantum Academies and acquired Biofeedback Specialist Diploma (BANHS). Got Master – Neuroanatomy, Neuroelecrophysiologyand Biofeedback Bioresonanse from Babes the Medical University of Romania. She applies the quantum biofeedback from 2009 to appliances SCIO / INDIGO.

She attended many conferences on the Quantum Biofeedback and implementation SCIO / INIGO. Budapest 2009 – 2010 -2011, Copenhagen 2011, Timisoara 2011.

She is Founder and Professor of Homeopathy, Quantum Biofeedback, and Alternative Therapies in «Alternative Healing Center A.I.C. ‘and founder of on- line Univercity of Quantum Research andAlternative Medicine U.Q.R.A.M.

She did Educational Studies in Education Ltd workshop on the “play game” and “special treatment”.

Her love for homeopathy and human being made her to subscribe to the “homeopaths without borders” and to help to place the idea.

She worked 2 years in Athens and one year in Thessaloniki with experienced homeopaths and as a professional. In May 2007 she returned to the city of Trikala to make a modern center of Homeopathy and Alternative Therapies «Alternative Healing Center». Since 2010 the «AlternativeHealing Center» was founded in Athens and Thessaloniki and other Greek regions with prominent partners and the main monitor of all patients by Mrs. Grigoriou.

Δέχεται κατόπιν ραντεβού σε Αθήνα - Θεσσαλονίκη - Τρίκαλα

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