Herbal Medicine, Gemmo-therapy, Plant-therapy

The healing properties of herbs have been known since antiquity. Dioscorides was a great investigator on the therapeutic properties of herbs, not only in body but in the mental sphere and harmony between man and the universe!

Some plants are considered as sacred because the internal energy vibrations bring harmony to the man with the universe.

Since then all medical science based on substances that were known in plants and medicinal herbs to grow later and completely forgotten the roots from which it came from.

The herbal treatment is more chemical rather than energy. But it has energy vibrations while the chemicals are hidden in the plant which has its own personality and existence in the universe.

The synergy of various substances in the plant itself is what makes the herb more effective without having to make all those terrible side effects of chemical drugs! The combinations of these and the addition of vitamins, proteins and minerals create dynamic herbal therapeutic preparations.

Embryonic cells from the cambium, mouth tissue (tissue rich in data and potential energy), buds of trees, shrubs and sprouts, which are rich in plant hormones, minerals and elements used in Gemmo-therapy with immediate effect

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