Relaxing, Recharging, Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, Weight Control Harmony, Treatments of Face and Body

Emit Your Inner Beauty

Cost of ETERNALE 10.000 euro

The ETERNALE rejuvenation system puts you into an oasis of relaxation. It is a high technology system of microloads that interact with software in order to effectively achieve deep relaxation, the reduction of stressors and the improvement of the appearance in face and body.

The system works on three levels:

Carefully orchestrated compositions with special tones Solfazio support a deep stage of relaxation and meditation.

Visions and auditory guided relaxation exercises help you make positive and healthy thoughts, become free from addictions, enhance your self-esteem, to love and care for your body, relived by stress, control your weight and much more

A high speed, but compatible with the organization, barely perceptible frequency of microloads, vibrate your body and achieve a deep stage of relaxation and treatment for the physical body. So with the technology of quantum biofeedback we get rid of the unhealthy patterns and routine, from the intensity and the addictions and we improve and enhancement of the appearance of face and body, the muscle tone and skin quality and much more.

The experience of Eternale

The rejuvenation system Eternale provides the ability to discharge the daily stress from within. It also harmonizes the mind, body and skin through the individual quantum biofeedback therapy, the micro frequencies and micro loads. The process gently balances the energy disorders associated with aging and stress, helping you to experience your inner being and vitality. The customers that tested it, showed their deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, wellness and harmony.

Eternale Programs

You can feel the experience of the system for 30, 60 or 90 minutes
Eternale Mini – 30 minutes
Is a combination of 4 programs that promote the relaxation, rejuvenation and the recharging with energy and the detoxification (Vitale, Youth, Serene, Enviro).
Eternale Maxi – 60 minutes
Is a combination of 4 programs that promote the relaxation and the rejuvenation (Vitale, Youth, Serene, Enviro)and also 4 more programs that improve the appearance of the skin (loosening of the skin – cellulite – stretch marks) and the hair, they help the to maintain thenormal weight, they give self esteem and exempt from addictions (Glow, Shape, Lux, Sphere).
Eternale Lift – 30 minutes
This program dramatically improves the fine lines of the face and the wrinkles; it helps the skin tightening in the face and neck and normalizes the hyper pigmentation by giving a wonderful glow to the sking. In conjunction with Roll On we target exactly to the problem.
Eternale Max Lift – 60 minutes
It combines the programs Eternale Mini and Eternale Lift for a facial treatment and at the same time the benefits of rejuvenation, recharging, detoxification and relief from stress.
Eternal Total – 90 minutes
It includes a full therapy of the face and body, by combining the programs Eternale Maxi and Eternale Lift
Eternal Fit – 5 minutes
Ένα σύντομο πρόγραμμα για όσους θέλουν να ενεργοποιήσουν το σώμα τους και να προετοιμαστούν για να γυμνάζονται, δίνει ενέργεια και κινητοποιεί τον οργανισμό να κινηθεί. Ένα πολύ καλό πρόγραμμα για όσους βάριουνται και αποφεύγουν την άσκηση
A short program for those who want to activate their body and prepare for exercise, it gives energy and mobilizes the body to move. A very good program for those who want to avoid exercise.

Activation of Natural Cosmetics and homeopathic medicines for Anti Aging and well being.

On the apparatus we have the ability to activate with the frequencies of the treatment specially selected natural and organic cosmetics that continue at their use in the home to reflect these micro loads and frequencies to the skin cells for a unique effect.
Special supplements and homeopathic medicines provide solutions of all problems of the organization in the field of anti-aging and wellness
Create an oasis of rejuvenation and wellness in your own home. The system Eternale doesn’t require special knowledge. It’s so easy to use and is used by many people for their personal use, for their family and for their friends.

With Eternale we succeed!

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