Homeopathy and detoxification from substances

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathic – Alternative Therapist)

We all know that “the scourge of drugs” leads day by day more and more people to their destruction. Apart from drugs we have more and more users of alcohol and psychotropic drugs, even from the tender age of puberty. Many people resort to some therapeutic programs in order to wean and enter “clear” in the society. The easy part is to detoxify their body, the hard part is to change the deepest cause which made them to use substances and the harder one is, since they manage to see and change themselves, to continue their lives without adopt behaviors from their past.

Homeopathy comes to open a door in this difficult race to detoxify and a door for these people that never closes! The way is to liberate man from the cause that makes him fall in use, from the way they experience and distort reality and truth. The truly free man has no need of any substance.

Each person is unique. The key is to understand in which way every person is experiencing its own reality. For example, a sick man thinks that a lion hunts him while in reality this is only a little puppy. He is terrified, runs over, sweats, his heart beats like crazy and about to break, his mouth is dry and feels that his breath is not enough, struggling with all his power, eventually exhausted and desperate because he feels that the lion will eat him. This man is sick in body because he is sick in mind. The homeopath will not attempt a number of psychotherapeutic methods to treat the person from this idea because this is something that takes time. Here the homeopathic medicine will cause to the patient the precisely image: how is to hunt a real lion, ie the image of his idea. When man, in the middle of the homeopathic medicine, experiences this, how exactly is to hunt a lion, then he will immediately understand that only a little puppy was hunting him till now.

For psychology all start from the primary anxiety of death that exists in everyone. We begin to have a limit to our senses with anxiety that they will not exist. If we stop the fear, then our symptoms subside. Therefore we use some different defense mechanisms and especially the mechanism of repression and denial. We lose what causes us anxiety by send it back to the unconscious. This situation is called by homeopathy “virus of scabies” and is characterized by ignorance and lack. It is the root of all the problems of humanity and all the others viruses.

From this situation of ignorance are generated several ideas. All the ideas of the universe are to avoid death. They are defenses for the primary anxiety of death. If the environment is harmonious with our ideas, then it is probably that we will not get sick. For example , a girl has the idea that what she needs is affection and love. If she get born into a family that does not have these conditions, that has more distant parents, then she will develop the basic illusion that she is not loved and that she doesn’t have a family to give her what she needs. Up there is developed a pathology, called nuclear stress, anxiety that is caused by the failure of the basic idea. At this stage the person is experiencing something unbearable. Here is the start of the first signs of pathology. At this stage someone can be a substances user because he can not manage otherwise this overwhelming mental state. The most likely scenario is to revive this idea constantly in his relationships. In the above case, when she get married not even her husband will be loving towards her and she will feel that her children are very distant too.

One of the ways to identify and suppress the nuclear stress is to become a phobia. Here the anxiety is not widespread but is specified, for exmple I’m afraid of heights and the rest of my life I feel free. I’m afraid that other people will blame me, I’m skeptical, cautious, but I manage it. Here we blame causes outside of ourselves so we can avoid them. We take drugs to block the feeling and everything is fine. We have a cover-up of the problem of our core. As compensation we use exaggeration and inflation of the “I”, we are the “lords of the world” and everyone else is “not cool”. We call this’ virus of Sykosis “and this is the thing ,that in philosophy of Therapeutic Communities is referred as” the giant of my dreams. “

Other times the fears take the form of uncertainties and the person can not protect himself from his own lack so he prefers the path of self destruction. The person understands the downhill and prefers death because he believes there is no hope for life. Here we have the situation of “syphilitic virus” and in the philosophy of Therapeutic Communities is referred as “the dwarf of my fears.”

The path of get away and change is the Idea and the way to face the “Tuberculin virus”. Young children get bored easily, not being satisfied with anything and they want to test substances , “leaving” is for them a new experience.

Homeopathy works on the level of ideas. With the appropriate homeopathic medicines it heals ideas such as: lack of power, need for assessment, diversity, compassion, success, first, individuality, confidence, perfection, fear of abandonment, loneliness, empowerment, abuse, threat, frustration, lack of get hurt, feeling unfulfilled, sense of risk, inferiority, difference, etc., and the cause “trigger” that sparked the creation of these Ideas. When the basic idea is treated , the person is treated and begins to change and understands the reality of finding the strength to get his life into his hands.

Homeopathy has been successfully applied to specific groups of people especially abroad. Natalia Titieva mention rates and the kind of success of homeopathy when it applied to orphanages in Russia. The issue of orphanhood, the issue of abandonment, the failure of these children to feel that they deserve something and how they will succeed , and many other themes and ideas which are associated with orphanhood, settled and dealt with such treatment. Many problems such as difficult behaviors or even violence, due in great need they had formed these children being orphaned, treated in a short time. Immediately , in these children, their basic idea was cured, the “orphan”, the specificity and the ideas such as: I am not loved, they don’t believe me, I will never be first, everyone will abandon me, everyone will hurt me , I will not succeed, I am not enough etc.

In this way it could be applied to institutions such as prisons. Surveys show that it could reduce the levels of violence and violent behavior problem significantly. Also in psychiatric hospitals who have implemented the Homeopathy there were very good results in the best possible approximation of reality by the insane.

In Russia , the University “Friendship of peoples” this time applies a treatment program for substances in association with therapeutic programs from their country. The results have not yet announced because hasn’t been spent a reasonable amount of time to have sufficient evidence. Sources tell us that this therapeutic schema is going very well. In their try to produce better results they have expressed their willingness to cooperate with other therapeutic programs in European countries and finance this effort.

In Greece, homeopathy has not been incorporated into a treatment program yet. The situation in Greece regarding homeopathy is far behind from other European countries. Except from programs, there many homeopaths who are individually occupied with the problem of substance use and can present evidences. Users who consulted them and followed this treatment, get rid of substances, they remain in healthy condition and live a normal life.

Homeopathy has the potential to do great work on the part of detoxification. It can help from the beginning stage of detoxification and help the user to get rid from the unpleasant physical symptoms. It helps all the body to eliminate toxins faster and balance mental and physical the internal disorder which is caused in the body by the intense stress of detoxification and abstinence. It is the ideal treatment for users at the early stage of cutting drugs more easily, it is able to reduce the physical symptoms, the irritability, the insomnia and the bad mood.

As treatment of the acute diseases of users, who have been in advance with detoxification, it can treat directly, quickly, gently and effectively without using substances (chemical drugs) and mostly without making oppression to the body symptoms which came simply to drain psycho-intellectual disorder. From a simple cold, an infection and a toothache to more serious cases can be treated with homeopathy. In any case, of course, homeopathy can not replace medicine mainly in situations such as surgery. The diagnosis is made with Classical Medicine is not always useful for the homeopath. It is however necessary for the patient who needs to know exactly what’s happening and he can choose what kind of treatment will follow for his problem.

We all know that is not the physical body that makes the users, after a long addiction to redo use. It’s their own way of dealing with their ideas that have been crystallized in their existence. Here is the hardest work of therapists. To make user have a good grasp of reality, to see that his world is just for him that is a refuge to escape from his shadow and learn how to work with his deepest insecurities and cope with them. To finally see that in his life what was chasing him so far was a small dog and not a lion. To understand that beyond the fear there is enough strength in everyone to live his life, to cope and live well. Here Homeopathy with driver and the physical body can add a fairly large stone in the course of treatment of all these mental problems.

With Homeopathy and other alternative therapies which can be applied in parallel we can open new horizons for the users. They become more aware of their bodies, learn to love and care their bodies, by mobilizing their inner physician.

In their reintegration into society Homeopathy can help them cope health problems, usually at this stage are several due to body after therapeutic procedures. It can also help in new conditions that the user experiences in rehabilitation such as a job, money, partners, colleagues, new friends, romantic relationships, family, society etc. and try to keep him always close to the core of their real self in order to create healthy loving relationships and creativity.

Homeopathy can always be next to the user all his life. If he chooses as a way of therapy for him and his family will be there beside him at every stage of his life. His physical body will always ring the bell with bidy symptoms and they will recall him that he has to face himself. Many are those members who have completed some projects and didn’t do use again for several years. But, there many who even after a few years fell back with tragic consequences for themselves and their families because they had no longer the excuse of ignorance. Here the syphilitic virus remained untreated and the person knowingly led to self-destruction. This problem would not exist if the person continued his treatment with homeopathy.

The cost of homeopathic drugs is minimal. A cure for one month costs little. The cost of treatment is not prohibitive in relation with the work that may be offered. The Homeopath must see the user who will choose it, once a month. Naturally when a problem occurs, the therapist either by phone or personally will always be around to face the problem. It’s easier with a suitable energy field, which will be given with the same therapeutic agent, to eliminate an idea or discomfort that makes the user to take the final decision to discontinue treatment and to re-use.

The best would be to integrate homeopathy into one of the treatment programs exist in Greece, because through the group a member can better be supported and the environment is more appropriate. Homeopathy as an adjunct process is fully compatible with the “dry” treatment plan. What we all want is to help more people to be and continue to be free from substances and Healthy. If it could be done such a partnership would be step towards to a more qualitative work, which will have quantitative results, in this common purpose.

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