What is homeopathy?

It’s a holistic healing method, a completely natural therapeutic Art, without side effects, human friendly and based on specific therapeutic unchangeable laws. The principle of “similar things cure similar things”, was the therapeutic principle of Hippocrates.

It’s goal is the therapy with the mobilize of the forces of the organization and it’s empowerment, in order to balance and restore health it’s health.

What are homeopathic medicines? How they act? Do they have side effects?

They are formulations derived from the plant or the animal kingdom and from minerals. There don’t have chemical additives and they have nothing to do with chemical drugs that affect the body fighting repressive only local symptoms.

On the contrast they enhance the patient’s body as a whole in order to disappear for good, gently and naturally the cause of the disease. They have absolutely no side effects due to the large degree of their dilution; contrary to the manufacturing process they have increased therapeutic effect.

Their action isn’t chemical, it’s energetic. They don’t create addiction to the organization they are ideal for children, infants and pregnant women because they have absolutely no side effects. They are tested and proven on humans, not animals avoiding the equation of man with monkeys and rodents. Always the label bears the substance from which came the medicine and the potency.

Are they effective? How long does the treatment hold?

They heal quickly, promptly and effectively the acute illnesses where there should be given antibiotics, cortisone and other powerful chemical drugs, with all their side effects. In chronic diseases homeopathic remedies cure the cause that created them and the patient regenerates from his illness. In chronic aggravated cases the treatment period is lengthened. After the health of the patient restores the new situation is permanent unless the patient is driven to extreme behaviors and life choices or extreme mental load, but even there we can with homeopathy to help him again. The duration of the treatment is different for each person. It may take few hours to cure an acute incident, or even months to resolve problems that afflict the patient for years. The homeopath sees the patient once a month if necessary and the frequency may be reduced as the symptoms diminish. In some emergency cases of the patient, the homeopath has direct communication for whatever happens either on phone or personally.

What diseases does it cure;

Here we do not distinguish diseases, but human patients. According to the concept of homeopathy the lesions and damage of the tissues which are associated with the body is simply an echo of the disease, not the disease itself. Thus, any disease can’t be cured by simply making the symptoms to disappear. In homeopathy, the symptoms are the tools that will help us to discover the causes of the disease and heal them. That’s why the homeopathic history differs from the medical. Here we need to gather information for the entire organization and not just the area that seems to be suffering. Each disease affects a patient in the physical and mental phenomena affecting the level of all reactions of his organism.

Homeopathy can cure and be applied successfully in animals.

What should the patient that applies homeopathy look after, during the treatment?

During the treatment, for a long time, it is necessary to avoid:

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