Tissue salts schuessler

Includes only 12 simple medicines, that today we know very well the complex role in the biochemical reactions, that occur within the cells.

For Schuessler the need for the tissue salts (salts of essential tissues such as their name suggests) is based on the physiological fact that the structure and vitality, while the organs of the human body depend on an appropriate amount and composition of substances adapted to the organic constituents of these bodies.

This is evidenced by the fact of the presence of minerals in the residues of combustion of the tissues. Which demonstrates whether these substances, absolutely essential for the integrity of the structure and functional activity of tissues.

By watching views of Schussler who taught that the lack of the necessary quantities (as small as they can be) of these substances may cause complete disorder in the molecular motion, which causes the disease. It can be restored health only if they restore the balance by providing the same minerals as they are missing.

This view is only the theoretical triumph of biochemistry, chemistry, ie, life and given many years ago, before biochemistry substantiate these truths.
All these lead us to remember the enormous interest in the movement of elements of sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, fluoride, silica, etc., within the organization.

The converse, of this logic leads us to look to the views of Schuessler and apply tiny doses which can safely be described as homeopathic (given the dilution of 6x or 1000 ng), which allow risk-free progressive assimilation. The right of this view is demonstrated by the findings of the biochemistry of inflammation.

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