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What is the Quantum SCIO / INDIGO

The SCIO / INDIGO is a sophisticated and super-advanced machine for bio-measurement, bio-analysis, bio-detection and return (bio-feedback) in the body quantum (EMF). That way our organization is coordinated (bioresonance) and is balanced so that we have treatment at the cellular and organic level, in body, mind and emotion. It is perfectly safe for humans because it is based on solid scientific foundations. It incorporates a system that measures the frequency of brain and whole body (Body scan) and a possible software translates, analyzes and therapeutic fields returns back to the agency providing the opportunity for the therapist and patient to attend the three-dimensional process in the computer screen!


Based on discoveries and theory of well-known researchers such as Volta, Ambere, Ohm, Einstein, Becker, Priori, Beardall and others, Dr. William Nelson and a team of scientists from NASA have implemented since the 80’s in space a technology of quantum bio-feedback to allow astronauts to control their bodies and autoheal, since up in space there are no doctors, hospitals or pharmacies. The program was named SCENAR. It works by stimulating the brain with a constantly changing electrical signal that drives the nervous system to produce neuropeptides, which are key molecules for the self-regulating body, turning it inside our natural pharmacy! The current system SCIO – INDIGO is the continuity, evolution, improvement and extension of that initial program of NASA.

Integrates and marries the science of mathematics, quantum physics, biophysics, biochemistry, electronics, computer programming, chaos theory, etc. By tracing it gives all the information and the treatment they need by integrating it’s the software and by applying treatments such as Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine, and energy therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, Dynamic Energy-Medicine, Psychology, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Anthotherapeia, Color therapy, bioresonance, bio-feedback, and many other natural and alternative treatments. It can be combined with traditional medicine for better and faster treatment of the patient.

As we know from the famous equation E = mc2, Albert Einstein founded the theory of relativity and documented the fact that the man apart from matter (biochemical identity) is composed of electromagnetic field (biophysics identity – electromagnetic oscillations). Every change in health in our physical body, in organs and tissues implies a difference in our electromagnetic oscillations. This results in a change in the recruitment capacity of substances from the cell, which changes the elaboration resulting in pathogenesis. It is understood that in order to restore that electromagnetic balance the cell will function normally and slowly the damage will be restored.

Because the organization is an open system with its environment, it interacts with it by exchanging energy fields that affect them directly (external stress). This possibility of exchanging signals utilizes the QXCI-SCIO – INDIGO: It accepts information from the electromagnetic body, it measures and corrects the oscillations beyond the normal range and then comes back and corrects these corrected marks on the body (bio – feedback), which gradually adapts to them (bioresonance).

This system is truly a breakthrough in efforts to restore the natural balance of the body. It analyzes in terms of health, it detects, it capture and analyzes critical biometric data, which most can’t be detected with microbial analyzes (eg, lack of vitamins and minerals). By correcting the electromagnetic oscillations helps to activate the immune system to neutralize the stressors, fighting free radicals in bio-energetic balancing of the body and restores the body to its normal state.

The system consists of 2 elements:

A special device of detection and return of electromagnetic oscillations of the body, which is connected to a computer and a very advanced computer program that analyzes, corrects and returns the incoming electromagnetic signals.

The timing of the interface with the system in each session is equivalent to the severity of the problem we face. From your biochemical makeup it depends the number of sessions you will need: from 1-2 for acute cases, 6 sessions for moderate problems and 10 or more for more serious. If you detect something serious the man is referred for diagnosis and the that will decide if they know the seriousness of his problem, if you continue to treat with traditional medicine. The frequency of sessions is usually between two weeks apart from each other.

The connection of the system is done through belt sensors placed on the forehead, wrists and ankles. Because the system is adjustable on the biological level, there are no side effects, it is completely safe.

Within 3.5 minutes of time the system counts more than 150.000.000 bits of data to enable the program to identify the stressors. Immediately after with over 14,000 parameters it passes to the phase of bio-feedback and bio-coordination.

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