Quantum biofeedback and trauma therapy

Grigoriou Areti

PD.Hom UK Classical Homeopathy, Μember of Europian Council of Classical Homeopathy (E.C.C.H)
Member of the Homeopathic Association of Greece (SOE) and the Panhellenic Association of Health Support

BSc (hons) Alternative and Natural Therapies
T. F.P Agronomist, Special Editions. Herbal Medicine – Aromatherapy – Flower therapy

We all know that many times a pathology begins where a mental, physical or mental stress occurs. There are stations in the life of every human being where the stress he accepted could not be absorbed by the body and recover. Usually there is a feeling that ‘I was never good since …. ” the stress at that time caused such an imbalance and disruption in the human body, namely the disturbance of homeostasis, which could never come back again in the same healthy state.

So we establish in our body symptoms like physical symptoms, allergies and intolerances associated with trauma as the not absorption of nutrients, to more complex diseases such as ulcers, colitis, skin disorders and others. As for mental level, we know that trauma is not always treated and depend on the circumstances may be triggered again and again raising situations such as anxiety, mood swings, phobias, addictions, sleep disorders, etc.

With Quantum Biofeedback can detect these disorders, we can determine the exact age of a man who had such an injury and made such a change in homeostasis. We can identify the cause that created such emotional conflict, loss, intense grief, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment, etc. Many times the cause may be a virus, bacteria, exposure to cold or extreme heat, etc.

Also we can treat with energy the time line and the place where was this disorder, to turn back the body to a more healthy state, before this. Acting in the lower brain, the hypothalamus, where are reflected with energy the wounds and are created the energy discrepancies, we restore the harmony in these centers and vent the state of suffering ..

With quantum biofeedback and bioresonance can intervene directly in the feelings and balance them by helping the emotional balance and personal maturation. We can also drain from energy and help the sufferer to be rid of the physical problems that plague and aggravate his psychology.

Something that also does work is the coordination of hormones in the body and especially the pituitary hormones, the hypothalamus and pineal. The thought begins to become clearer, the human consciousness increases, stress decreases and the emotional and mental health are back. It is very important that we can intervene with appropriate frequencies to the brain neurotransmitters (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, GABA and other neurotransmitters opium)) and to restore its chemical balance.

The most important thing is that we energy intervene directly in consciousness and change those sick norms even at the level of archetypes. Thereby we increase the awareness and create new dynamics that excuse all the associated symptoms of trauma such as stress, panic attacks, depression, paranoia, bad psychology, irritation, phobias, physical symptoms, etc. .

So we become the real architects of ourselves!

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