Adult groups

For the first time there are self-improvement teams, with self-healing technique based on homeopathy.

These groups involve adults in similar parts who intend to treat, who intend the personal development, improving the character and personality, changing the problem behavior, restore the mental health, deal with fears, insecurities, trauma etc.

These groups process and deal with the basic ideas that anyone can fantasize and lead us away from equilibrium and self being. Ideas such as economic security, need for evaluation, promotion, dependence, autonomy, oppression, perfection, love, etc. which are so strong as to lead us gradually to an unbearable anxiety, phobias, insecurities, and psychosomatic disorders.

These groups are not just people who recognize that they have a problem in one of the three levels (physical – mental – emotional), but they are for everyone who wants to have harmony and health in all levels and for those who want to go a step further and gain balance, true freedom and knowledge of the qualities of our existence!

Treatments such as quantum biofeedback, group homeopathy, music therapy, healing song, psychotherapy, shiatsu, physiotherapy, systemic representation – psychodrama psychoichnografima, and aromatherapy are some of the techniques which unblock us, relax and motivate us.

Seminars at the stage of shelf healing must be done at regular times so our members to be able to handle the technique of healing using natural and gentle healing methods from experienced therapists. ”

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