Homeopathy – when philosophy and art meets science

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathy – Alternative Therapist)

More and more people , in our days, are turning to alternative therapies so they can cope from simple to more serious health problems. But many have argued that these are all nostrums and they don’t have scientific basis or proof. Unfortunately for them, in recent years, we have scientific evidence, especially in Homeopathy. Proofs which are harmonized and consistent with the alternative way of thinking and within the framework of this science. For those who believe that double-blind statistics are a proof of efficiency or not or a therapeutic action, we just say that these studies are inapplicable in Homeopathy. This is a personalized therapy and not a people sample or specific tissue lesions such as Classical Medicine.

Sciences (such as quantum physics, the biophysics etc.) accept the Einstein principal which is proofs that material has two forms, the particle and the electromagnetic field. Homeopathy works in the field and not in the material. The Classical medicine acts on the material and does not individualize each case. The field, where homeopathy acts is different for each person and here the evidences will be based on the principles of holistic systems and Biophysics and not of Biochemistry and Chemistry, as in Medicine. There are also intangible causes for each disease. The tissue changes are often the result of a generally sick person. The cause maybe is hidden much deeper. Everything is now action. Let’s not forget how much power has a word when you say it or hear it. The thrill we feel when we are thinking something that can make us happy or miserable for a while. This information , through our body fluids, is carried all over our body, so we have symptoms of grief and headache to more serious diseases. All these are changes in the human electromagnetic field, in his vibration, from thinking and feeling, to his natural body. Homeopathy is before from all these consequential statements. Leaves the matter and reaches the immaterial and energy. Each experimental research and process shows that there is nothing, if something hasn’t existed before. Only in this way we can recognize the relationship between a cause, a relationship and the result of a sick body just like a series of developmental stages, from beginning to end and follow it backwards, from bottom to top in order to achieve the treatment. This is our philosophy! What we must cure is the human being and not only his tissues , not only his mind and his soul.
ThThe healthy man is the result of a harmonious collaboration of soul and mind, emotion and logic, is itself a set of vibrations in harmony with each other and in harmony with the “whole”. Man is not alone in the universe. It belongs to a larger system with the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom. Between this system apart from mater exchanges there are also the energy exchanges , vibration exchanges. The crowding of people in the huge centers push man out of his physical environment and away from all these actions that would counterbalance his health. Homeopathy is coming to help him find his real center of existence and bridge the gap with nature, which is missing from his everyday life but also from his existence.

The holistic healing method supports that the “system” is becoming one of the objects (or components) and their properties (or features) can be understood only as functions of the all system. The term “holistic” is used to describe the approach which exams the “whole” and not the “part”. Many therapeutic systems are holistic because they are not focus on the condition of a body but consider man as a total of organs and functions.

It is known from biophysics that the cell produces electricity “electromagnetic field”. This is because the cell membranes and the small tubes of our cells vibrate with scope to uptake and clear all the necessary, for their operation, ions. Each body to function properly at all three levels of existence, has its own special energy field which comes from the composition of fields of cells, tissues, organs, thought and feelings. These fields have been detected and mapped by scientists, electronic bio-coordinators. Every effect “trigger” that we receive from the environment causing mental or physical change in this electromagnetic field. These changes can also be measured as the deviation of our coordination of the physiological measurements. Many times with these measurements we can see in which organ or system there is tension even before the appearance of some tissue damage, even before the patient started showing symptoms. This happens because before a disorder existed in matter always there is a disorder in the energy field. Stabilized into our body, such as biophysics uses this term, new spatiotemporal structures, new quantum constants.

The most part of our body is water. Water has the ability not only to stabilize these new quantum constants in our body but also to transfer them affecting whole our being. The body and the water, in which they take place all the changes of matter, are a system in “homeostasis.” When a negative stressor factor disrupt this homeostasis then the water in our body carries the new information every where. Our body wants to make “economy of energy” by sacrificing an organ which is less necessary for our existence and usually in the first years of pathology, is the skin.

The only real way of treatment in such a situation is to give the body the same electromagnetic field reversed as we say in biophysics “neutralizing contribution”. The two identical but opposite fields collide and cancel each other. So the homeopathic medicine that doesn’t contain material but scope fixes this. Many scientists, with experiments which have been published, have measured and recorded these fields in the homeopathic medicines and their coordination with sick people. This is something that has begun the last decade and we need many years of research to be able to measure and map out all the homeopathic medicines. What can we do and have full effectiveness, either through the homeopathic history and record of the responses to stimulation of the patient or through measurements with special electronic equipment coordination, is to find what is the appropriate drug for each patient, the same and the inverted electromagnetic field and to kill gently, effectively and permanently every organic disorder. This is the scientific proof of homeopathy!

Homeopathy today is a science which combines many other sciences. We have already mentioned medicine, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, physics, biophysics, biology, chemistry, botany, zoology, etc. All this knowledge eventually lead to the same direction, to the same truth, man is not only material, is a member of a universe where everything is coordinated with an amazing harmony!

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