Homoeopathy – for healthy and free children

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathic – Alternative Therapist)

Homeopathy is a holistic method of healing, a healing art completely natural, and without side effects. It doesn’t create addiction and it is human friendly. Because of these advantages is well suited for groups such as children, pregnant women and the elderly.

It is no secret that children are one of the most powerful buyers. Nobody will save money if it is for the good of his child and in this fact have relied Savings! The conventional medicine with polypharmacy and vaccinations for children has managed to create even in this tender infancy, patient life – customers. Most children today have experienced so much chemistry that have become already chemical wastes!

Immune diseases such as allergies, asthma, childhood diabetes, cancer and behavioral problems, mental, psychological and other serious chronic diseases are a result of suppression of the symptoms with the conventional medicine and the impact of the vaccination.

Our body , just like our children’s body, has a doctor inside and a mechanism for self-defense. When our body accepts an external stress (such as a virus, a microbe, an expose to cold, a bad nutrition, a blame, a sadness, etc.) he can tolerate up to a saturation point. Up to that point he can manage this and even if his health has been shaken , he can gradually return to balance and kill all the symptoms which were created by this disorder. If the stress is too large or continues for a long time, the body of the child will pass to the point of saturation – strength and then it could not so easily and without assistance, to self-heal and return to balance. Here we have the establishment in the body of permanent symptoms that afflict our children for a long time.

Our body tends to do economy, so that the organ that will get sick, if it is not the skin, will be an organ that is not so vital for the body (eg nose – tonsils – ears – mouth). The body will this organ for the rest, and the possible better survival. Medicine now, with the chemical drugs, which act locally and at an organic stage, suppresses the symptom which just went out to drain an intense internal disorder which came out from stress. The result of such a tragic mistake is to go deeper the disorder into the body, because it was added a stress from the chemical drugs, leading later to a disorder and disease into a more vital organ for the body than the previous. That’s why many children suffer from chronic breathing problems such as asthma, allergies and bronchitis because they depressed with chemical drugs simple viruses from the nose, the throat and the ears! Therefore we must not wonder why these last years our children has very serious diseases. All this is the result of continuous oppression of Classical Medicine!
Another main reason that all these things happen is to suppress the immune system because of the vaccinations! Vaccines, except for serious reactions that they cause, gradually has been revealed (from the statistics unfortunately hidden from the eyes of the public) that their effectiveness is only hypothetical. If you ask a pediatrician to sign that it takes the full responsibility for any damage your child will suffer, because of the vaccination, it is certain that he categorically deny. He knows the side effects and although he is obliged to report some of the them to the parents, he never does it.

In a study and research (that was reported by the Hellenic Association of Health Support) which held from 1999 to 2004 in countries such as France, Britain, Belgium, Holland and Germany, with elements from EFVV (European Forum Watch for vaccinations) were found serious complications from vaccination, which they were not identified as damages by the vaccinations and were not included in the statistical measurement. As more were the doses of the vaccine, more intense were the illnesses. After vaccination appeared more complex diseases and many particular autoimmune. This shows that vaccines tend to cause a new type of disaster on the health of the general population from the diseases that we call “diseases of vaccinated people.”

The fear of the parents from the other hand and their need to sleep in peace at night (perhaps by giving the antibiotic and antipyretic to their sick child , from flu and their well-vaccinated child) has reinforced the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies which just in this fear have set up entire advertising campaigns!

We are responsible to our children who must not be victims of our own insecurities, fears, ignorance and irresponsibility! Before lead our children in the front of a chemical compound with so many side effects is preferable to try milder and more effective treatments and one of them is surely homeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines come from the plant or animal life and from the minerals. They don’t have chemical additives and don’t have nothing to do with chemical drugs that affect our body repressively and they don’t fight only the local symptom. Instead of this they enhance whole the child’s body as to disappear for good, gentle and natural way, the cause of the disease. They do not have no side effects due to the large degree of their dilution instead of that because of their manufacturing process have increased therapeutic effect. They heal quickly, directly and effectively in chronic diseases which were be treated with antibiotics, cortisone and other powerful chemical drugs with all their side effects. In chronic diseases the homeopathic drugs heal the cause so the child is exempted forever from his illness.

The application of homeopathy in infants, animals and plants is the proof for the scientifically and effectiveness because in these groups can not have the effect of placebo or the placebo effect of the patient!

Homeopathy helps the child to get a very strong immune system and a cure and treatment system so he can get rid of autoimmune diseases and sensitivities. It helps the child to get rid of tendencies and predispositions to certain diseases by intervening to his DNA and changing it. It gives energy balance to the child by him a solid constitution. It also provides an effective protection against diseases without the dangerous and ineffective vaccination.

It helps the child to overcome and cope with stressful experiences in his immediate environment, from infancy age and from his birth. If we really to cure our child, you must heal it at all levels. What we have to do is to find the cause of the basic disorder. This cause could be very deep even it could be something that experienced when he was in the belly of his mother! Classical medicine can do very little in this direction. Homeopathy, however, can accomplish a lot because it just works there, in the cause and not in the result.

Homeopathy acts directly on the character, the behavior and the psychology of our children. It helps their personal development and improves the character and personality. Restores and improves their mental health, it helps to have the best concentration and performance. With Homeopathy children become the best they can because they process and address many issues and ideas such as: need for assessment, freedom, independence, exaggeration, view, dependence, autonomy, love, confidence, unconscious orphan, loneliness, inferiority, oppression etc. that are so strong and lead the child to problem behavior, bad reaction, unbearable anxiety, phobias, insecurities, and psychosomatic disorders.

In this way our children are free from such ideas, insecurities and phobias and can better understand the world around them and themselves healthy and free!

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