Homeopathy – a modern method of treatment

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathic – Alternative Therapist)

Homeopathy is a holistic method of healing, a healing Art completely natural, without side effects, human friendly and based on specific therapeutic unchangeable laws and principles such as “like cures like” which was the healing principle of Hippocrates.

The man who has turned this principle to a complete scientific system of healing was Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). By testing various drugs, by himself, and observing physical and psychological symptoms that they caused to him, was able to give meaning to the law of Hippocrates in which if you want to cure a disease you should give to the affected body a drug, which will cause, if it given to a healthy body, the same symptoms.

This law is based on the premise that the creation of man from God is not accidental. Thus the function of the human body is based in his own healing, restorative powers. Our body has an internal doctor, who is responsible for maintaining the health of our body itself, since every body responds with its own unique way. The purpose of homeopathy is to mobilize these forces and empower them in order to balance and restore health.

Suppose that a flu epidemic breaks out. A doctor will give the same drugs in all patients, antipyretic, decongestant, expectorant, vitamins for the body’s defense and antibiotics for the serious consequences. The homeopath has to individualize each case. If he has ten different patients with flu he will give ten different drugs depending on the symptoms of each one. Different drug will take the patient who wants to lie alone in his silence and another one the patient who wants companionship and hugs. A different one will take, the bland and sleepy person and a different one the person who is irritable, grumpy, complainer and makes our life difficult. Other medication will need the patient who has tearing problems and intense greenish mucus and another one will need the person whose nose runs like water. He treats, ie the every person as whole and the medicine will be given will cure not only local symptoms but all other symptoms. Patients are often surprised when, along with headache or constipation cured anxiety, nerves, depression, excessive sensitivity, etc. For this reason homeopathy is called holistic therapeutic system.

Here we do not distinguish diseases but human patients. According to the perception of Homeopathy lesions and tissue destruction associated with the body is only an echo of the disease, not the disease itself. Thus, any disease is not treated if we disappear the symptoms. In homeopathy the symptoms are the tools that will help us to discover the causes of the disease and cure them. That’s why the homeopathic history differs from the medical. Here we need to gather information for the entire body, not just the area that seems to suffer. Each disease affects the patient in his body and in his psychological level and affects all his reactions.

Homeopathic medicines come from the plant or animal life and from the minerals. They don’t have chemical additives and don’t have nothing to do with chemical drugs that affect our body repressively and they don’t fight only the local symptom. Instead of this they enhance whole the body as to disappear for good, gentle and natural way, the cause of the disease. They do not have no side effects due to the large degree of their dilution instead of that because of their manufacturing process have increased therapeutic effect.

Their action is not chemical is energy. In many cases they have an electromagnetic field which helps to counteract the imbalance in the body. They don’t create addiction in the body and is ideal for children, infants and pregnant women because there don’t have absolutely no side effects.

They heal quickly, directly and effectively the chronic diseases where will be given antibiotics, cortisone and other powerful chemical drugs with all their side effects. In chronic diseases homeopathic drugs treat the cause so the patient to be relieved from his illness. In chronic cases the treatment takes some more time. After restoring the patient’s health, the new position is permanent unless the patient is driven to extreme behaviors and life choices or extreme mental loadings but even in these situations homeopathy can help again. The duration of treatment is different in each case and varies from person to person from a few hours in some acute incident or to a few months for a problem that plagued the patient years.

Homeopathy is practiced in our country from any therapist or doctor who has studied in schools recognized by the European Council of Classical Homeopathy (ECCH, ICCH, ECH) and has the same degree. Doctors and non doctors in a spirit of harmonious cooperation try to establish as in many other countries this therapy. Homeopathy as established in abroad is unique Science and is not part of Classical Medicine.

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