Organotherapy is a therapeutic method that is entered in the Hippocratic tradition. It is a natural method, established in the essential principle: primum non nocere. It is one from the main treatments, which can now be called preventive.

Organotherapy in “enabled” desired dilutions, is suggested to grant low-dose of total body and is based on the observation that after the “enabled” desired dilution, the animal organ acts on the human.

For each organ, which is in dysfunction, should be given the same organ of an animal into the appropriate dilutions. It is one of the opinions of the principle of identity (of this nature). The appropriate organ of the animal, acts the same way on humans either by excitation or by balancing or from suspension, and restores the impaired function.

The small amount of the given dose is justified by the fact that organotherapy, except from bringing the replacement in a diseased organ, involves and other processes of our immune system and especially the autoimmunity.

The meaning of minimum doses should not take away the doctor. The current scientific works, showing the action of such doses.

From the work of Claude Bernard and Brown-Sequard we have gained the knowledge of the internal secretions of the glands. The physiology proceeds from this knowledge to the fact that from fermented juice, which are excreted for an organ , other organs are regulated and stimulated.

However, the weighted organotherapy called also as organo-therapeutic uses, didn’t have scientific development, but only in 1904, and after the discovery of hormones from Baylliss and Starling.

The Organotherapy, with the above way (in “active” solutions), appeared in early xix century thanks to the vet doctor Lux of Lipsia.

This method, for this reason, comes under isotherapy, the method which is defined by the principle “aequalia aequalibus curantur” based on a different basis from homeopathy in which “similia similibus curantur”.

The similimum, is a drug whose use in a monetary dose , causes, in the treated subject, symptoms similar to those posed by the treatment illness. For Lux, the isotherapy can not be the similinum, but the identical, the aequalium.

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