The experiences of the embryo and the subsequent evolution as a human

(Grigoriou Areti, Homeopathy – Alternative Therapist)

Many times we talk about how important it is for a pregnant woman to be calm and happy during pregnancy. To accept this fact as a “really happy” help herself for a pregnancy, usually without problems and a better mental state. But mainly helps the embryo to get healthy information for a proper development physically, mentally and intellectually, as a fetus and as a person later.

Many scientists, today, accept the fact that the fetus experiences, situations experienced by the pregnant mother, the outcome of childbirth and her psychological situation have a particular impact on the character and the psychology of the child, not only as a child but and in his general course as an adult. Many people have dealt extensively with how the correct external stimulants and the good psychology of the mother helps the better growth of the fetal. They have been created special tunes – music for pregnant women and the fetus, have been developed techniques of “harmless confinement” and special techniques for a better information of the mother, better deal with pregnancy and a greater sense of wellbeing.

According to the perception of Homeopathy lesions and tissue destructions associated with the body are only an echo of the disease, not the disease itself. So, any disease is not treated by simply dismantle its symptoms.

In homeopathy the symptoms are the tools that will help us to discover the causes of disease and the cure. That’s why the homeopathic history differs from the patients. Each disorder affects a person at his body and mental level and affect all reactions of his organization. Here we need to gather information for the entire organization, not just the area that seems to be suffering. It is very important when we take the history from a patient, other than physically, mentally and all other homeopathic symptoms that we look to, to make some questions about how he felt when his mother was pregnant, what situations had experienced and how was his birth.

To cure a patient, you have to heal all the levels. What we have to do is find the cause of the basic disorder. This event could be very deep even be something that he experienced when he was in the womb!

When a woman learns that she is pregnant many things can happen. She may not wanted the pregnancy and not pursued it. The information that the baby is undesirable, the fetus receives it. If such a child finally come to the world most likely to feel rejected, abandoned, not loved, maybe even feel like an orphan.

Other times a pregnant woman may feel fear of such an experience as the birth and this fear to be transmitted to the child.

The situations experienced by a pregnant woman are crucial for the development of man’s existence who will come into the world. Conflicts with family environment and her husband, an unfortunate event, a strong shock, highly charged emotional situations, anxiety, fear, etc. are information that the fetus receives and become part of his own existence.

Very often women give birth with a Caesarean section. There is a rapid increase of women who give birth, by appointment with this surgery. Often gynecologists, do not want to risk, and prefer this method. Perhaps it is economically more beneficial for them. But it is a fact that fewer and fewer women give birth naturally. After study and relevant experience found that children born by Caesarean section are more weak-willed, passive and they are afraid to take responsibility and they are less bold and brave.

Children born by caesarean section have been denied the right to choose the moment they want to get born, to take that decision, to decide which they want to be their personality since the time of birth is colored by their astrological chart. Everything was done by appointment! These children that they were born by Caesarean are not fought for their lives, made no particular effort to cross this painfully difficult for them path that will lead out into the real world, away from their mother, out in life! Yet this very big shock for a fetus, the shock of birth may give to it an invaluable asset. The asset that I try, outrun my fears and manage to survive.

There are also many mothers who not only insist on giving birth naturally despite the objections of the physician, but they are preparing for this event and expect it like something natural by giving birth at home or in ways that are more natural, wanting to do this experience more intimate for them and for their baby. Of course having taken all measures for a good outcome of childbirth and in anticipation of any risk, more and more mothers choose to give birth at home. Being born a child in a cold hospital with unfamiliar people around, who is separated from his mother to go to the room with the newborns and in the worst case to go to the incubator, it is traumatic for it. Numerous cases of patients in Homeopathy ,in which the cause was the fact that they were in the incubator some time away from their mother and without breastfeeding. Breastfeeding excluding the value of the diet of their child’s in his first months of life has great sentimental value for the mother and the baby.

Very important is the outcome of labor. A cesarean section can be much better for a baby from a very difficult vaginal delivery where can be immediate danger for the life of mother and baby. It’s something of direct interest to the homeopath in drafting a comprehensive patient history.

Here are some interesting facts and their evolution, where the main causes were some of those mentioned above.

1st case : 5 year old girl comes into my office with strabismus problems, urinary incontinence and behavioral problems. His mother says the child does not sleep just because she is afraid, does not express what she feels, she is a very nice guy, does what they tell her, does not react and remains many hours sad without communicating with her parents and her brothers . From exploring the history comes along that it was the third child in the family with a big difference from the other two bigger. The announcement that the mother was pregnant in her third child was a shock for the family who did not want a new member. In the beginning there was a matter of interruption of pregnancy but eventually the mother wanted to keep it. Throughout the duration of her pregnancy she was in stress about how to succeed because both parents worked several hours, they had no help from grandparents, did not have enough money to hire a woman to hold the baby and the other two children which ware older and with increased obligations in high school, wanted a quiet study environment. The rest of the family often showed their discontent and expressed the same anxiety. It was agreed therefore that this child will grow up very simply without care and providing only the very basics. Specifically, the mother jokingly said that they would not learn it hugs and will have it all day in the park throwing his biscuits there, though hungry to eat. Of course all that changed with the birth of the child, everyone really loved it and all the time just dealing with the baby, as much as they could. The fetus, however, experiencing the stress of what will happen to him because it was junk started to develop pathology. At the age of three months the mother had to return to work and was forced to leave it, she had to leave the house for ten days to make the weaning because the baby stubbornly refused to eat from a bottle. The feeling that it was undesirable and that it can leave it behind , if it did not do what they say to him and if she was not a good kid, flattened her personality. The appropriate homeopathic medicines have helped the child to get rid of the ideas of unwanted child, abandoned and that nobody wants it. Immediately could live alone without being afraid and ceased to be attached to her mother. When she was playing alone and she was not sad, began to react when she didn’t want to do something, began to say no and pursue things from her brothers. Of course the problems of enuresis disappeared and strabismus went much better.

2nd Case: Male 24 years old visits me with serious psychological problems and panic attacks. He was a child from a very good family but he had terrible fears. He could not be left alone for a minute because he thought he would die. His mind constantly turn around at funerals and coffins. He stopped going into cars and transport because he had panic, stopped his studies because he could not be left alone in a strange city. When the grandparents went to live with him in order to get his degree he was afraid to go to university. Not working, not studying, his relationship with a girl was natural to go wrong. He had a strong feeling that it was worthless. A terrible feeling that he would not succeed at nothing and would get hurt. After a long treatment, with very few results, he told me that his mother because he was the first child, afraid to give birth. The fear was so great that she said better to die than to give birth. Because she was afraid she persuaded the doctor to do to her a cesarean section even it was not necessary. That was the key to open the case. I gave to the young man a drug that it should have taken his mother for fear of childbirth and the man began to change. Started dating and have fun with friends. Changed city and went to continue his studies. He did not afraid to travel anymore and went on his own holidays! The only problem till today is that he doesn’t have the confidence needed to approach a woman for a relationship. The fact that his mother was very authoritarian and criticism against him is the cause for a different path on the side of his treatment which continues till today.
3rd Case: Female 42 years visited my colleague for large uterine fibroids and I was in front of the history taking. She says that fibroids are hard as rocks and hurts like someone threw a punch in her belly. She had the tendency to entangle with men who abused her , were violent and thugs. The man who married and then divorced beat her even when she was pregnant. She said that her father was like that with her mother when she was pregnant to her! Her father never hit her although he was very strict with her. The woman did not trust men easily, she could not accept any kind of authority that’s why always went against her father and often fall into the wrong men only by reaction. Had adopted an attitude of a victim and was treading like this all her life. Here it is clear that the sense of abuse was an experience for her since she was a fetus. With the appropriate homeopathic remedy she will heal and rebuild her life with a right partner.

4th Case: Two sisters aged 39 and 45 years visited me. The first had some problems with back pain and musculoskeletal problems and her sister had problems with menopause. From their history appeared to be two well-fed children trying to live as much as possible convenient and more comfortable lives without problems. The second one (45 years) got married late and the other one (39 years) was still unmarried. The first found a handy companion to do only one child that was necessary, after having experienced the love of her life and felt that she should marry the eligible husband and father. She didn’t work , they were supported financially from her husband. The other thought she could be in a wedding because all the married have problems and children are a problem. She tried to make it in her own work, without tangling with colleagues and bosses. She tried just long enough to live well and did not want trouble. Her relationships were brief and usually discontinued because while men were worthy, by her view , they had some serious problems either with family or psychologically and were not suitable for a common future with her. She felt that although she lived well and entertained , she did not have a goal for her life. She felt that her life was meaningless. She would like to have family and be a mother but this will cost her her freedom and her comfort. In assessing their historical , their mother, she was my patient too, told me that she always did the best for her children. She went to give birth by caesarean section to avoid stranding her children from a normal birth and come out bruised and battered .. It is logical for these kids after they have been denied the right to struggle for their life and generally things were convenient for them to become weak in some areas of their lives. They avoided the problems so not to hassle. The appropriate homeopathic medicine helped to a point.
Case 5th: 3 year old kid came into my office with severe diarrhea that lasted months. He was intolerant to cow’s milk. Constantly was crying, beating his parents, particularly his mother because he said that she didn’t love him. His historical has shown that the child had jaundice as a baby and had to enter to the incubator for 15 days. There he stopped breast feeding. The separation of the infant from his mother and stopping breastfeeding were the causes for the disorder in this child. The appropriate homeopathic on the case, removed physically and mental symptoms.

Case 6th: Female 55 years old with Hasimoto disease visited me. The woman heard with difficulty, had severe circulatory problems, with her vision and was sleepy all day. She said she could not get up from a chair because she felt like something to keep her feet and could not get up, she felt her leg heavy. She could not go to work because her illness held her home. When she was a kid , she saw a dream that three small bears were in the wood and one of them was caught in a trap and could not leave. The pains in her body was like someone had tied her up with ropes. Her eyes saw something like ahead lanes which impeded her. He felt pain in the thyroid in her neck. Her parents did not let her when she was little to go out to play and kept her at home. She had no other problems, emotionally was well and generally had a good life which does not justify such a pathology. When I asked her how she was born she said “normally, but I have suffered much because the umbilical cord was wrapped first in my throat and then in my legs.” That’s it! The feeling that something holds me tight and limited, the sense of risk that the fetus experienced at her birth, was the thing that gave this pathology and was the feeling which followed the woman throughout her life! The medicine I gave her had a scope to get rid of the feeling of being bound, limited and that she couldn’t escape. Many of the symptoms subsided by the first month.

Case 7th: 2 years old girl came with her mom because often had high fevers without cause. She was very frightened, then cried all night, frightened by the slightest and bounced to any noise. From her history, shown that her mother in the seventh month of pregnancy she suffered from an accident and scared too much. Fortunately she was knocked lightly on the forehead and did not consider it as something important after making all examinations and the child was well. The appropriate homeopathic remedy which is for shock cases after accidents helped the child to get rid of all his problems.
We see in these examples how a person’s life is essentially determined by a trauma and an unpleasant experience in the period was even fetus or at birth. It is very important for every mother to be very careful during this period. Classical medicine can do very little in this direction. Homeopathy, however, can accomplish a lot because it just works there, on the cause and not the result.

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