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With the cytoliza Test


Our path to health, good form and Well-being

Our Primary goal: your well-being


With this as a dominant slogan has been developed a nutrition program that guides you in keeping your good health or recovering from some illness.

Each person is different

Most of us have adopted a particular diet. Eat as we have been learned and used. Over time, perhaps some times, we realize that our body is not satisfied with our diet. Everyone talks about healthy eating, but our body will be satisfied only when we will design our own personal diet and implement it.

Diet is not only a matter of taste

There are foods that we can not tolerate and may cause us some disease or symptom or make us fat. There are several foods that we like much or they belong to the general category of foods that are healthy.

Personal Diet Guide

There are many ways for a right diet which are very different. The diet program with cytoliza – test is a personal guide that shows you what you can eat and be healthy. The blood test is supplemented by appropriate dietary advice and our professional experience along with your history, helps you to find the most suitable diet for you.

Using the most reliable and effective Food Intolerance cytoliza test we give an end to the weight problem, the fluids, the bloating, cellulite, etc. We give an end to the feeling of tiredness, fatigue and bad mood. We stop many health problems that do not know but may be caused from our diet.

Everyone has a different digestion and absorption of the food. Some foods, different for everyone, do not degrade or they degrade very little with the result that remained absorbed in the intestine without any good for the body.

Tiny amounts of these foods pass through the tiny gaps of the corresponding mucosa of the gut and come in contact with the immune system, at high concentrations, which recognizes those foods as hostile and creates antibodies just like it does with the germs.

The specific immunoglobulins IgG are associated with the proteins of these foods and make complexes, which should be eliminated from the body.

ΑThe result of the continued vigilance of the immune system without any real reason is its weakness.

With result:

Immunological test antibodies LGG against food

The blood test shows the body’s immune response to foods (44 or 94 different foods)

Nutritional approach

The therapist and consultant of cytoliza test, offers a personal nutrition program based on your test results.

Personal experience

The acquisition of personal experience now, with the rules of health that the test suggests leads to a new road of nutrition and wellness

Your medicine is your food (Hippocrates)

It’s simple and easy to take the test.

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