Treatment in depth with Quantum Biofeedback

Grigoriou Areti

PD.HomU.K. ClassicalHomeopathy, BSc (hons) AlternativeandNaturalTherapies, QuantumbiofeedbackTechnician, agriculturist , Specialist Herbal Medicine – Aromatherapy – Flowertherapy, The quantum field is the most thin energy field that occurs in nature. We find it not only int the connections between atoms of a molecule and between the electrons of an atom and this determines their motion. Is the most thin form of energy, and the most dynamic form of energy.

Quantum Biofeedback is a process by which we collect these thin electromagnetic fields and not just fields from a body, analyze them and selecting those that are not in a healthy condition and take them back to the body upside down to bring a suppression and a new healthy state – homeostasis.

Many other methods of coordination, using electromagnetic fields to balance and harmonize the body act mainly in organs, tissues, ingredients, hormones, cells, emotions, thoughts etc. Many times, however, our experience shows that even if we coordinate or harmonize a body might not ever be able to regain full health in the body.

This is because the dynamic principle, the hierarchy of the organization itself, the “ruling class” that gives the command for the treatment or the disease is also active in a quantum level above form the plane body, the emotional, the mental. It is finally the one which gives commands to the quantum level and to the unconscious.

There, there is a hierarchy that determines what will survive and what will be sacrificed in a body and bring out homeostasis, the situation in which the body even with the sacrifice of an organ will be able to return to a new balance and be able to continue operating with minimal waste of energy, energy that needs to be kept alive.

So far the only treatment that can invade into the fields of the unconscious and get valuable information is the treatment with quantum biofeedback with specific devices.

Pioneers in the discovery of these organs are scientists of N.A.S.A. that after several years of research give this technology for use.

The quantum field inverted through a quantum biofeedback device can except to bring the organic, emotional and mental level of a body, can get in to unconscious and balance and harmonize trauma, archetypes, viruses, negativity, submissions, negative commands , fears and insecurities and even more secretly and hidden data that have not yet entered in the sphere of consciousness. It works in the level of commands of the “ruling class”.

In this way is increased the awareness of the person and stops the negative transfer of data from the unconscious to the body and changes the negative performance of a healthy body to positive. Later by coordinating organs, tissues and all levels of the body we achieve a truly dynamic health. The man is really the architect of himself.

With Quantum Biofeedback can still act and in the collective unconscious because man is connected with “All” and he is not a separate unit. By treating the unit we have a minimal effect on “All” and balance the effect of “All” on the person.

The quantum field has the capacity to act even in small actions of the small tubes of the cells and of DNA, where it is recorded the memory cell and it can upside down through the process of hysteresis to return the entire body in an earlier, healthier stage, before the action of the stress factors , by acting on the memory of the cells from the action of these factors.

Quantum Biofeedback is a powerful treatment. Can be combined with homeopathy or other alternative therapies and may offer to the man a real Health, his Dynamic Health.

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